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"If, as Oscar Wilde observed, "A well-tied necktie is the first serious step in life," then a well tailored necktie collection is an emblem of accomplishment. And the first step toward compiling such a collection is an appreciation for what goes into making a beautiful necktie." Forbes Magazine
A necktie from Napoli Coast begins in Lake Como Italy where the 100% pure silk is naturally dyed and woven into various exclusive patterns. At Napoli Coast all of our neckties are woven from yarn dyed silk and never printed. This gives texture and depth to the silk that can never be replicated in a printed silk.

Quality silk will have a soft hand or touch. If the silk feels rough to the touch it is of inferior quality generally speaking. Quality made silk will also have a heavier feel or weight of 18 to 40 mommes.

After our limited production designs have been woven the silk fabric is shipped off to our talented artisans in Napoli Italy.
Napoli Coast has kept to the ancient artisan traditions of tie making. The seven-fold tie, one of the boasts of Neapolitan tailoring, is produced  by the hand cutting of every single piece of fabric. This ensures that the pattern in the fabric is perfectly centered, something that a machine can't match.

Every Napoli Coast seven-fold necktie is made from a full meter and a half of silk fabric, twice what other manufacturers use to make a necktie. This gives the ties a substance and fit that are unique and an unmatched resistance to wear and tear.

The first step our artisans take after carefully inspecting the silk is to layout the patterns and hand cut each one of the pieces of silk to gurantee a rightly centered pattern. Each piece is also cut on a bias to ensure a straight necktie. A quick way to check if a tie is straight is to let it loose, grab the tip and tale, stretch it, and see if the tie turns on a spiral. A well made necktie will remain straight and simply arc up in the middle. The dual interlining of 100% pure combed wool & cotton is also hand cut. The dual interlining assures the necktie will retain its shape and provide unmatched resistance to wear.
After our artisans have sewn together all of the silk pieces they hand fold the silk around the dual interlining. The necktie is then pinned shut and checked over to assure all specifications are met. Once the necktie has been checked it is hand sewn shut with a hidden stitch, bar tack, and slip stitch loop at both the tip and tail. The slip stitch loops allow the necktie to move along the hidden stitch thread to assure that it won't rip when its being wrapped tightly around your neck, and that it will, when removed, return to its original shape. If you pull on the slip stitch the tie should gather. If you can do this, you've found a quality, handmade necktie. In the picture on the left you can see part of the red slip stitch thread under the folds and just below the bar tack stitch. The bar tack stitch that you also see in the picture in yellow is another item to look for in a necktie. The bar tack stitch is sewn by hand and provides a more durable joining than the standard stitch used in machine made neckties.

The end result of our artisans hand work is a beautiful seven-fold necktie that connoisseur's will appreciate and enjoy for a lifetime.

If you have any questions regarding the construction of our neckties please feel free to contact us with any and all of your questions.


"It's a beautiful necktie, great fabric, pattern, and exceptionally well made." Andy Gilchrist of

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